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PeRL: The Perceptual Robotics Laboratory at the University of Michigan


NA320: Marine Hydrodynamics-I Fall 2015
Concepts and basic equations of marine hydrodynamics. Similitude and dimensional analysis, basic equations in integral form, continuity, and Navier-Stokes equations. Ideal fluid flow, Euler's equations, Bernoulli equation, free surface boundary value problems. Laminar and turbulent flows in pipes and around bodies.

NA568/EECS568: Mobile Robotics: Methods & Algorithms Winter 2016
Theory and application of probabilistic techniques for autonomous mobile robotics. This course will present and critically examine contemporary algorithms for robot perception (using a variety of modalities), state estimation, mapping, and path planning. Topics include Bayesian filtering; stochastic representations of the environment; motion and sensor models for mobile robots; algorithms for mapping, localization, planning and control in the presence of uncertainty; application to autonomous marine, ground, and air vehicles.

Other Courses Taught

ROB550: Robotic Systems Laboratory Fall 2014
Multidisciplinary laboratory course with exposures to sensing, reasoning, and acting for physically-embodied systems. Intro to kinematics, localization and mapping, planning, control, user interfaces. Design, build, integration, and test of mechanical, electrical, and software systems. Projects based on a series of robotic platforms: manipulators, mobile robots, aerial or underwater vehicles.

NA340: Marine Dynamics-I Winter 2013
Structural vibration; single and multi-degree of freedom models. Forced steady state response. Rigid body motion of floating structures. Sea wave excitation. Hydrodynamic added mass and damping; anti-roll tanks. Fourier series; definition and application to frequency response. Introduction to random processes and applications in linear systems.